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WHAT About Us



The AFAM Oasis LLC Directory serves the unique function of providing a single source site that identifies diverse search directories of African-American medical and mental health practitioners qualified as Psychologists, Physicians, Clinical Social Workers, and Professional Counselors suiting consumers preferences for them. 



We tend to seek help in low numbers, and when we eventually do make the wise healthy decision to seek it for the benefit of self and/or loved ones, many have distrust or perceive racial/cultural barriers would hinder the quality of care received and thus would prefer an African-American practitioner.  We then find that there is a paucity of African-American medical and mental health professionals represented across all medical and mental health disciplines. In searching the internet, African-American help seekers are met with the overwhelming representation of medical and mental health professionals who are not African-American. In fact, many of the sites that generate from searches of “Black therapists” are actually non-African-American companies who may not have African-American therapists at all but advertise having the availability of “culturally sensitive” therapists.  We are often misled by these and may give up the search.


If you are a customer seeking an African-American medical and/or mental health practitioner, search with confidence and ease when you enter the AFAM Oasis LLC Directory of directories. The work has been done for you.

If you are an African-American medical or mental health practitioner, consider sponsoring your practice in support of the African-American help seeking efforts on the showcase page of the AFAM Oasis LLC Directory for all to see.  Also, note the listing of professional organizations available to join in the AFAM Oasis LLC Directory.

If you are a corporate sponsor and you value the promotion of health and help seeking of African-Americans by African-Americans, you are invited to advertise here.

For all, relevant health news and information sites will be made available for you in the AFAM Oasis LLC Directory.

For those of us who possess a distant African ancestry that is royal, rich, spiritual, intelligent and honored . . . and who value and prefer that the color of  healthcare be Black, AFAM Oasis LLC Medical and Mental Health Practitioner Directory is here.

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